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Our Basic Website Design Package Includes:

* Logo Design for your website
* Custom graphics and site navigation design
* Enquiry Forms
* Submission to leading search engines
* Management of your site contents anywhere anytime
* Domain Name registration
* One Year Hosting (Optional)
* Site Visitor Statistics Reporting System

Domain Name Registration ($35)
Seven Custom HTML Designed Web Pages ($500 setup)
FLASH Additions ($200 and up)
Basic One Year Web Hosting and three e-mail accounts ($800)

Advanced Website Hosting Includes:

$2,495 (includes free monthly website corrections, client extranet, e-mail accounts, and statistical package)

Cedars Consulting Corp is a leader in personal and business website development. We understand the importance of creating an aesthetically pleasing website with the underlying purpose of bringing new customers into your business.

Our website designers are the best in the country. We pride ourselves in graphic development and understanding the intricacies of the Internet. Our goals for your website are as follows: drive traffic to your website, optimize viewer ‘click-throughs,’ promote a call to action, entice customers to request more information, and create a positive web experience so existing customers utilize your website and refer friends and family to your business.

We have spent the last few years perfecting our website production process. This gives us the ability to incorporate your values and ideas while allowing you to concentrate on your primary function: serving your customers’ needs. We work with each client on an individual basis to create a 100% customized website in a timely manner. Once your site is completed, free monthly updates are provided to help keep your website content fresh.

Renovating An Existing Site $45hr (no setup fee required)

Start-Up Business Specials
At Cedars Consulting Corp, we understand the budgets involved with starting up your business. For this reason, we offer the Start-Up Business Special that includes:

Five Basic HTML Pages
One Year Registration
Three E-mail accounts
Enquiry Forms

Only $300

* Web hosting service is optional and can be directly charged monthly to the client. Hosting packages range from $11.00/monthly and up depending on the web hosting service provider the client wishes to use for the duration of the year.
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