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We develop breakthrough business management processes, create and license franchise property, and provide business consulting in technology critical issues, for clients world-wide.

Our mission is simply to form loyalty with our customers. We provide high quality and efficient outsourcing solutions that reduce our client's budgets.


1. Cedars Cafe

"I just wanted to say that your work is honestly amazing! At first when looking I researched hundreds of design websites until I found you guys. I wanted something very unique that would show customers we are a very professional business.

Since the time I ordered from you a website, I haven't even thought about looking elsewhere. You guys give me multiple comps, and let me select what I like. I always find what I like in that first email you send me. I've gotten so many compliments on the website that you have created for me.

Just want to say thanks for everything! And I am so happy that I found you guys! Great service. I'd recommend you to anyone! Well worth the price!"

2. Dos Amigos

"I am very pleased with the work by my provider. They were very speedy in delivery, did an excellent job incorporating my existing logo into the new product and were responsive to my questions.

I think I might have liked a few more original concepts thrown out at me for selection. I had two, with variations on those themes. I guess I just wanted my creative noodle stretched a little more, but I also did not demand it as I did like the work presented. Some more options just would have further confirmed my decision.

Overall, an excellent experience and I would highly recommend this group. I hope to work with them again. "

3. Austin Franchising Inc.

"As a professional in the restaurant industry, I'm not the easiest person to please. My standards of quality are exceedingly high and I expect nothing less from those who perform services for me. I am thrilled to say that Austin Franchising has far surpassed ALL my expectations.

They are knowledgeable... creative... fast... accurate... tremendously reliable... an excellent communicator... always within reach and in touch. I wish all service providers were like this one. In fact, I find myself always asking them what other services they will provide in the future because I'd like to give them all to them. Wish I could clone them. A+++ Highly recommended."

Founder's Message:

“ I started this company to help individuals like myself that have decided to take the chance to build and establish their own business. From experience, I know that an investment in a start-up company requires smart money management. Therefore, I have made it my goal to help businesses such as this with business development needs that are affordable and cost-effective.

I have continued to do so with the help of quality analysts and consultants that are now the backbone of this company. Together, we have served many clients by assisting them in their own ventures to build their business to profitability and to create a better life for themselves. I am living my purpose and building my future by helping others achieve and build theirs. I look forward to serving you in your next project. ” - Becca Khouri

Client Successess

Austin Franchising has helped clients across a wide range of industries achieve higher levels of performance and long-lasting results. We serve private sector clients, both profit and non-profit. For client references, please contact us.

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  • Cedars Cafe
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Selected Project Accomplishments

Below are brief descriptions of selected consulting projects completed by Austin Franchising.

  • Established successful sub-franchise company through exclusive rights to Austin Metro area, in two years built 7 outlets and reached $1.2 Million USD sales per year.
  • Employed sophisticated location research methods, using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Geo-demographic data and statistical modeling. Locations chosen are still successful to date with locked rental rates below market due to an overall increase of rental rates in said region.  In some instances a location was subleased for a premium amount.
  • Standardized franchising rules and operations manual which later became utilized by corporate office nationwide.
  • Successfully negotiated a commercial lease with the largest union in Washington, DC resulting in 15 months of free for our client.
  • Conducted a national benchmark study for a hospitality agency regarding the allocation of job functions, duties, and staffing levels and ratios, including researching functional job descriptions and reviewing service standards.
  • Interviewed, recruited and prepared monthly, quarterly, and annual evaluation reports for a privately-funded program providing career opportunity services to special needs individuals.
  • Evaluated and provided new approach for sale increased to client's existing business. Successful results included a 67% positive trend in sales after six months.
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