Welcome to Austin Franchising

We develop breakthrough business management processes, create and license franchise property, and provide business consulting in technology critical issues, for clients world-wide.

Our mission is simply to form loyalty with our customers. We provide high quality and efficient outsourcing solutions that reduce our client's budgets.

Our Mission

To be a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm that specializes in the following:

1. Maintain a positive cash-flow & accelerate profitable growth for small to medium-size business clients.

2. Deliver a broad array of professional services to the business marketplace.

We have worked extremely hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have exceeded their expectations and earned their trust. With an ever-expanding list of full-scale business management projects, we have become a leader in our industry; in just a little over seven years of service.

So relax, we do all the work so you can take care of the more important aspects...like, running your business.


Our clients meet and exceed business expectations through a menu of consultative services we customize to each clients unique situation. As a result of our custom-designed solutions, your business can be sustained during times of change. You will acquire the ability to address key organizational factors to retain talent and excel in performance, productivity and profitability.

Organizational Development: We work with client teams to develop and adapt organization structures and job roles to meet business demands. By implementing a variety of our services, such as strategic planning, executive team development, assessment of employee viewpoints, culture training design/delivery, the evolving organization will benefit at the employee and executive levels.

Performance Requirements: We develop organizational capabilities that drive high performance. Our training and coaching services ensure that every employee understands what constitutes high performance within his or her job role, team and company.

Talent Acquisition: Through our proven job analysis and competency-based behavioral interviewing, organizations can effectively match people and jobs for improved productivity and employee engagement.

Talent Development: Using competency modeling, training and assessment tools, we create practices that serve as an operating system to align recruiting, employee orientation, performance management, leadership development and succession planning. Organizations use our tools to determine job fit and develop employees at all levels of the organization, resulting in employee commitment and business growth.

Austin Franchising is a leader in personal and business development.

Business runs on information, regardless of the industry. The quality and timeliness of information assists business owners with critical decisions. In order to make wise and profitable decisions, it is imperative to have a thorough business analysis.

Similar to the general practitioner, a business analyst is trained to perform an exhaustive diagnostic study of the business. The analyst and support team have experience with similar business operations. An in-depth examination is performed including financial, operational and sales functions of the business to provide recommendations for improvement by identifying strengths and deficiencies.

We provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. The business analysis takes approximately one to three days. Our target market is businesses that range from $600,000 to hundreds of millions in annual revenue. We have more than 250 analysts with various backgrounds and experience.

The assigned business analyst will perform the work onsite and consult with various specialists that have access to all company resources. The resources include, but are not limited to, business and financial data, comparative business performance benchmarks, and our prior consulting case studies. Furthermore, the headquarter team have an extraordinary range of experience and expertise and are available for collaboration in developing recommendations to address any business problem.

Our Strategy

We focus on building and maintaining positive organizational cultures for your business. Our unique competitive advantage stems from our methodology which removes consultant dependency, and places the responsibility of defining the effective culture in the hands of the people in the organization. This approach provides the buy-in and energy needed to drive any transformation process and create lasting change for the organization.

Austin Franchising’s multi-phase process is both flexible and disciplined. Core elements include strategy, measurement, diagnostics, individual skills, team development, inter-group relationships, ongoing maintenance, and embedding.

We provide superior service to our clients. Austin Franchising engagements are always accompanied by and known for measured results in improved business performance, serving each client’s best interests and delivering a return on their investment. We will not engage until the senior decision maker has been made aware of and signed off on our plan. 

  • Consulting: Austin Franchising practitioners are professional consultantswho earn long-term engagements with their clients. Unlike other consulting firms, we do not tell clients what they need to do; rather, we provide processes that enable clients to develop their own solutions for their unique problems. This approach provides the buy-in and energy needed to drive the transformation process and create lasting change in the client organization. 
  • Client Service Strategy: Austin Franchising client engagements are owned by the firm rather than by the individual consultants. We take a global approach to service with a professional client-management process embedded in the firm’s core operations. 
  • Measured Results: All our work involves the client in how results should be measured. We measure each engagement at the start, throughout the process, and following completion from anecdotal testimonial to client measures and validation. Both traditional and electronic methods are used to measure and track the effectiveness of Austin Franchising solutions. A case study is prepared on completion of each engagement; release of such information requires permission of the client. 
  • Senior Leader Sign-off: The client’s business unit leader leads or endorses the Austin Franchising process as a condition of engagement and must participate in the process, ideally at the start or at least early in the engagement.

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