Welcome to Austin Franchising

We develop breakthrough business management processes, create and license franchise property, and provide business consulting in technology critical issues, for clients world-wide.

Our mission is simply to form loyalty with our customers. We provide high quality and efficient outsourcing solutions that reduce our client's budgets.

Let us help you build your brand.

Today's world is a fast-paced environment and we can help you generate revenue and save money while keeping the highest quality to satisfy your demands.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Capital Structure
  • Employee Management &Training
  • Expansion Planning
  • General Accounting
  • Executive Development
  • Employee & Operational Analysis
  • Sales Growth
  • Public Relations
  • Supervisory Management
  • Job Evaluations
  • Records Development
  • Legal Regulations
  • Decision Support
  • Technology Consulting
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Placement & Recruitment Services
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Web Development & E-Commerce
  • Financial Analysis & Reviews
  • Quality & Risk Management
  • Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • International Commerce
  • Succession Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Preformance-Based Budgeting
  • Efficiency Analysis

The Consulting Process

As much as the business analyst performs the function of a "general practitioner," the consulting services team is the "specialist" brought in to resolve the issues identified during the course of the analysis.

The consulting services team is comprised of some of the brightest management minds in business. They are familiar with the "psychology of management." All have practical, hands-on business management experience. Nothing is left to theory.

The minimum requirements to qualify for employment as a business consultant is a college degree and 10 years of direct business experience in mid to upper level management positions. A significant number of our consultants have Masters degrees, and numerous professional certifications across multiple industries and disciplines. The cumulative amount of consulting experience of our staff measure in years. They are knowledgeable about your industry and possess the skills necessary to assist you in all aspects of your change process.

Austin Franchising is considered a "full-service" consulting company -- meaning that we maintain the expertise and diversification necessary to address all aspects of our client's business. This differentiates Austin Franchising from most consulting companies, who only maintain the capabilities to address very specific and precise issues or industries. This requires us to maintain a staff of highly "specialized" professionals across a diverse mix of industries and disciplines. We are proud to say, that in the history of Austin Franchising, there has never been an issue raised during the course of a client engagement where there was not a consultant on staff that did not have prior experience in dealing with, and resolving, that specific issue.

Prior to the commencement of the consulting engagement, the business analyst determines the time required to accomplish the engagement objectives. The client is responsible for the hourly billing rate and the reasonable travel expenses related to the engagement. If additional time (beyond the hours determined by the business analyst) is required to complete the engagement objectives, Austin Franchising will incur the hourly billing charges, not the client.

Since client management is a pro-active part of the development and implementation of our solutions, you are continually apprised of the program's progress. No surprises. Client management fully comprehends the concept and implementation.

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